„The Best Is Yet To Come“ – Bonnie Tyler im Interview

Für Bonnie Tyler ist Aufhören ein Fremdwort! Der 70. Geburtstag steht bald vor der Tür, aber die britische Rocksängerin ist sich sicher: „The Best Is Yet To Come“. So heißt nämlich die neue Platte, auf der die raue Stimme der mehrfachen Grammy-Gewinnerin so richtig zur Geltung kommt. Im Frühjahr 2022 könnt ihr das 18. Album live auf der Bühne erleben. Bis dahin versorgt uns Bonnie mit einem spannenden Interview!

The Best Is Yet To Come – What does it stand for?

Well, actually, I didn’t write the song „The Best Is Yet To Come“. Steve Womack, one of my wonderful songwriters, wrote it and it’s just perfect for this time. You know, the whole album is very uplifting. But Steve Womack wrote „The Best Is Yet To Come“. And guess what the second line is? „We’ve got the bad days on the run“. And we sure have because of these incredible scientists developing these vaccines for us to get back to normal.

What is to come for you, personally?

Oh, hit album, I hope! But no, look, plenty of live shows in my diary. Last year, 79 of my shows were postponed into this year, 2022. So, I’m really looking forward to getting back out on stage, you know. And because I miss my audiences and my band and my crew and we have a lot of fun on the road, you know. My musicians have been with me for over 30 years, so it’s like I haven’t had my family with me, you know?

Your album seems to be very 80s-inspired. What’s special about the 80s for you?

Well, obviously, in the 80s, I had the biggest six million seller, „Total Eclipse of the Heart“. But, you know, the 80s were fun as well. You know, I think we need a bit more of that uplifting music now, you know, and this album is very uplifting. And the fact that I’m back with my old producer as well, David Mackay. Oh, this album was a joy to make. It just fell into place, you know.

What’s your favourite song on the album?

When I first heard „When The Lights Go Down“… Oh, my God, it was like my favourite Rod Stewart and Bruce Springsteen albums, you know, rolled into one. I loved it. Loved it. And the chorus is just fantastic. It’s another Steve Womack song and it’s timeless rock. The whole album is timeless rock.

Does music help you in these difficult times?

Oh, music is wonderful, I mean, the first thing my husband does in the morning is put the radio on. The radio is always on. We always listen to various radio stations from all around the world. I am in the Algarve at the moment. But you know, technology these days, you get everything digital, don’t you?

How did you spend your year 2020 and did you learn anything new?

Yes, I actually only came here supposedly for one week’s holiday after I worked in O2 in London on a big charity show with Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, Sir Tom Jones and so many people, you know, Gary Brooke, Cat Stevens, Rick Wakeman. And I came here after that for a week‘s holiday, right? But on the 15th of March, while I was here, lockdown happened. So, what a place to be here. And yes, I was so fortunate, you know, I mean, I know how lucky I am. I count my blessings and I thank God for my blessings, you know? But I learned to swim. I‘ve had a pool for many years, but I never really had that much time or confidence. But this year at 69, I finally learned how to swim. I mean, it’s just amazing. I love it. I can’t wait now for the hot weather to start again to get back in the pool.

You’ll turn 70 in June – how will you celebrate your birthday?

Well, if things go to plan, I will probably be in Germany in between shows on my birthday. So then, I will be celebrating with my band and my crew and Robert, of course. But I’m hoping to get a new Tesla car for my big 70. 

How much do you miss being on stage?

I really miss my band and my crew, you know, but I’m really looking forward to doing these new songs. And obviously I will be always including the classic songs that people want to hear: „Total Eclipse Of The Heart“, „It’s A Heartache“, „Holding Out For A Hero“, „Lost In France“. But people love to hear the old ones as well as new songs. And these, you know, as I said before, this album is so uplifting and it’s going to be really good fun to get up back out there on the road with my band.

How do you stay healthy?

Well, like I said, I’m swimming every day. Well, not at the moment, because the pool is a little bit cold, even though I got a cover for it, it doesn’t do the trick in January, you know. But we have a cycle. You sit in a chair and you cycle. We go for walks down the beach. And even though we’re in lockdown, of course, everybody is allowed to get some exercise. So we walk down the beach. It’s, you know, really right in front of me here. So we walk down there, we walk across the beach a couple of times and back up the hill to the house, yeah.

Have you ever thought about retirement?

Never. No, no, I will never retire. You know, I mean, as long as I got my health, darling, you know. And so, as long as I’m healthy, I will be out, you know, doing shows. Of course, I want to spend more time here, especially after this year being spoiled rotten and having the whole of year out in Portugal, you know. But pick and choose what I want to do and do the best of the best shows.


You know, I think we need a bit more of that uplifting music now … and this album is very uplifting.

Bonnie Tyler ist ein Rockstar! Es gibt keine zweite wie sie! Und wenn sich die Chance ergibt diese Powerfrau live zu erleben, sollte man nicht zögern. Also nichts wie los und klick Dich auf unser Portal für weitere Informationen.



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