Artist of the month: Sari Schorr im Interview

Sari Schorr auf der Bühne

Es gibt Künstlerinnen und Künstler, die mit ihren Songs tiefgehende Emotionen hervorrufen. Eine solche Künstlerin ist Sari Schorr, die mit ihrer leidenschaftlichen Stimme und kraftvollen Bühnenpräsenz den Bluesrock zum Leben erweckt. Sie bringt mit ihrer Stimme eine Tiefe und Intensität in die Musik, die ihresgleichen sucht. Kein Wunder also, dass Sari Schorr unser Artist of the month ist!

In unserem Interview gewährt die Sängerin einen exklusiven Einblick in ihr künstlerisches Schaffen, ihre Inspirationen und die Entstehung ihres neuesten Albums.

Congratulations on achieving the remarkable feat of securing the top position on the Billboard Blues Album Charts in the USA with your new album „Joyful Sky“! Your new album, created in collaboration with Robin Trower, has garnered significant attention. Could you give us an insight into the thematic development and creative process behind the album?

A twist of fate led to the album. The plan was to record three songs Robin had written for my solo album. The session was magical. I was hitting notes that even surprised me. During the session, the feedback from Robin was overwhelming. He loved how I blended elements of rock, blues, and soul. We realized the synergy was too exciting to focus on just three songs. So, Robin asked if I’d like to record a „world-class“ album with him. I knew the tonal colors of my voice would balance and resonate with the sonic quality of Robin’s guitar. We were both able to put our solo albums on hold to record what became Joyful Sky.


In your music, you emphasize authenticity. How do you approach the songwriting and recording phases to ensure that your music authentically reflects your personal experiences and emotions?

My authenticity comes not from the words on a page but from my live performance. Being authentic is about being fearless. It’s about delivering an experience to an audience that brings them on a journey they don’t even realize they’re on until they’re lost in the moment. It’s about being highly in control and wildly spontaneous. That is what makes an authentic connection between myself and the audience.

Can you provide us with insight into your musical journey and share how you discovered blues rock?

Like most musicians I know, I started listening to the music my parents listened to. In our house, it was what was popular at the time, especially Ray Charles and the Rolling Stones. When I started singing professionally at 15 years old, I was technically able to do pretty advanced stuff, but I still needed to search for a connection to the soul. I discovered blues when I became interested in tracing the roots of rock music. Muddy Waters, Howlin‘ Wolf, and Bessie Smith introduced me to a genre of vulnerable and honest music. When I leaned into blues rock, I found a genre where I could push my voice to the limits and soar unrestrained. After years of experience, it’s exhilarating to finally be in control of the chaos, knowing I’ll be able to stick the landing.


To what extent do your personal experiences and travels influence your music? 

I get to meet a lot of great people, and the one thing I love the most about travel is that regardless of language, we all share the language of music. It’s that connection that inspires my songwriting. When I write a song, I think about the performance of it and how I can deliver the emotion. I’m going for feel, emotion, and universal themes that connect us. I am choosing words lyrically that will deliver the sound and impact I’m trying to project. 

You are known for energetic live performances. How do you prepare for the current tour? Are there cities or venues that you are particularly excited about?

I love touring in Europe, but I’m excited to sing for everyone, anywhere. It’s a big deal whether it’s for 100 people or 10,000. I put pressure on myself to make it an unforgettable night for everyone. As a singer starting out, I was always very protective of my instrument, but now there is a controlled recklessness that I can enjoy because my voice now lets me do things I could never have done before. Some of these moments are even outrageous for me.
Before a tour, I unwind and lay low. I live a quiet life in Brooklyn, which is contradictory. I go on really long walks. My city is constantly changing, and it’s usually on these walks that an inspiration for a song will hit me.

After the album and the tour, what creative or personal goals do you plan to pursue next? Are there projects or dreams that you aim to realize in the near future?

After a tour, I spend time with my family. I miss a lot while I’m away. Creatively, I’ll be shifting my focus towards more collaborative projects with inspiring artists. I’ll also contribute to philanthropic projects. I do an annual 540-mile bike ride from New York City to Canada to raise money for Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. No matter what, I will remain open to the unexpected twists and turns life will bring that fuel my creativity.

Sari SchorrMit jeder Note und jedem Wort erschafft Sari Schorr eine Brücke zu ihrem Publikum. Wir danken Sari für ihre Offenheit und Leidenschaft. Und falls du jetzt Lust hast, die Künstlerin live in Deutschland zu erleben, dann check hier ihre Tourtermine aus! Um immer auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben, folge uns auf Instagram und Facebook.